The B2B Business Boom

B2B eCommerce is thriving post-pandemic, especially for companies that had well-established B2B programs already in place.

B2B eCommerce is thriving post-pandemic, especially for companies that had well-established B2B programs already in place. Before COVID sparked the shift from traditional to digital commerce, there was a growth spike in eCommerce during the […]

Top 5 Dropshipping Apps for Shopify

shopify dropshipping apps

Take away the hassle of physical inventory management with these popular and highly-rated dropshipping apps for Shopify stores. Small and medium-sized businesses have enough challenges in making names for themselves on the Internet, competing against […]

Shop Pay by Shopify

Shop Pay by Shopify

What is Shop Pay, how does it work, and how to integrate it into your own Shopify web store. Business owners need to consider several factors when launching and operating a retail website. In addition […]

Manufacturer’s Websites Dictate B2B Buyer Preferences

Manufacturer direct sites lead B2B sales

The majority of B2B customers purchase directly from manufacturers’ websites because they believe the manufacturer will have the most accurate information on their products. The impact that B2B purchasing has had over the past few […]

Automotive eCommerce Big for BigCommerce

Automotive eCommerce trends in 2023 and beyond, according to BigCommerce.

The future of the automotive industry is in eCommerce. June 21st, 2023: Austin, TX’s BigCommerce shed some light in regards to the future of the automotive industry in their 2023 Global eCommerce Report: Automotive. Online […]

The Potentials and Potential Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

Will artificial intelligence help or hurt mankind

AI technology is on the rise and carries with it unlimited potential for both the positive and negative. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a popular subject of science fiction and sci-fi/horror stories since the 19th […]

More Trouble for Amazon and Walmart

2023 tech industry layoffs and Amazon and Walmart

Despite taking in billions during the pandemic, economic woes and ongoing mass layoffs within the tech industry have forced the world’s two biggest retailers to enact mass layoffs of their own. Last year’s holiday shopping […]

Customer Service = Conversions

good customer service drives conversions

Customer service is a major component of the shopping experience and plays a significant role in driving conversions. In our earlier article, Building Trust Between Seller and Buyer, we discussed the findings of Digital Commerce […]

What Today’s B2B Buyers Want

what website features do today's young b2b buyers want?

Young B2B buyers wish to break away from the old, impersonal B2B practices of yesterday in favor of more modern, content-driven and socially-interactive options. In our earlier article, Top 10 eCommerce Trends for 2023, we […]

eCommerce Platform Migration in 2023

27% of eCommerce businesses plan to perform platform migration in 2023 and are ready to spend up to $500,000.

More than 1 in 4 eCommerce companies are desperate to switch platforms, regardless of cost and economic climate. Last February, Digital Commerce 360 released their 2023 eCommerce Platforms Report and their findings are certainly intriguing. […]