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eBay Store and Template Design

We are an award-winning eBay designer.

Diztinct will provide you with award-winning eBay design work and personal customer service.

Premier eBay Designer

eBay is one of the largest and most vibrant marketplaces on the Internet. If you aren’t taking advantage of the customers on eBay, you may be missing out on a huge opportunity. eBay does charge listing fees and final value fees, but in return you can get your products in front of the eBay community without the need for a large investment in marketing or optimization. eBay brings the buyers to you.

If you are looking for a professional eBay designer, you have come to the right place. Whether you are a new seller looking to create a brand for your eBay business for the very first time or you are an established eBay seller looking to enhance your look and layout, we can help. We are experts at designing and developing templates for eBay. We have completed eBay design work for some of the largest sellers on eBay:

  • MovieMarz (Feedback: 1,000,000 +)
  • BHExpress (Feedback: 750,000+)
  • Grapevinehill (Feedback: 590,000+)
  • Golfetail (Feedback: 250,000+)
  • DealYard (Feedback Score: 120,000+)
  • CloseoutLinen (Feedback Score: 85,000+)
  • Pompeii 3 (Feedback Score: 20,000+)
  • And many others...

We can make your eBay Store and listing templates match your e-commerce web site or design a completely new look. Our team designs some of the most customized and creative eBay Stores and ad templates on eBay. View examples of our eBay design work below or check out our portfolio.

Request a free quote for an eBay design or call us for more info - 973-910-1123.

eBay Design Services

eBay Store Design

Your eBay Store is a great place to direct potential customers to view other products that you sell. Therefore, it is important to have consistent branding across your eBay Store. Building recognition between customers and your brand is crucial to turning first-time buyers into repeat buyers.

Diztinct can design and customize your eBay Store on a variety of levels:

  • Full eBay Store Design: Do you want to give your customers the full branding experience on your eBay Store? We can design your entire eBay Store homepage so that it has all of the design elements to give it a true customized look. We’ll design your eBay Store header, sidebar and homepage with custom banners. The custom eBay design on your header and sidebar will also carry throughout your store pages. We also design your About Me page.
  • eBay Store Custom Header & Sidebar: If you are looking for just a touch of custom eBay design on your eBay Store, this is the option for you. We will customize your eBay Store header and sidebar to match your new design. The custom header and sidebar will show throughout your eBay Store pages.
  • eBay About Me Page: Diztinct also applies custom designs to your eBay Store About Me page. This page is a great place to show off your brand and promote your business. It is the one place that eBay allows a link to your e-commerce web site, so we make sure to add your link to the page. The eBay About Me page is also a great place to add your store policies if you’d rather not separate them out into eBay Store custom pages.
  • eBay Store Custom Pages: Do you need to add a size chart? Are you interested in a Frequently Asked Questions page? These are all great things to include on eBay Store Custom Pages. Just let us know the pages that you need, send us the text, and we’ll design the custom pages for you.
Find out how we can turn your eBay Store into a professional showcase - contact us today.

eBay Listing Template Design

When an eBay visitor searches for a product and clicks on one of your listings, the listing template is the first impression that they will have of your company. Therefore, a well-designed and organized eBay listing template can go a long way to lend credibility to your online business. Our eBay designers will work with you to ensure that you get the design and layout that you need. We’ll also include any cross-promotional banners to get customers to click into your eBay Store instead of back to a general eBay search when they are done viewing your ad listing.

Here are some features that we include in our eBay listing template designs:

  • Fully customized, quality design: Our eBay designers will design a creative, professional-looking listing template for you so that your customers will have a positive first impression of your business.
  • Organized layout: We realize that an organized layout is just as important as a good-looking design when it comes to eBay listing templates. The customer needs to be able to quickly and easily find the information that they are looking for. We’ll make sure that your template includes all of the necessary elements in a neat and orderly layout.
  • Integration into a listing program: If your eBay listing software supports template creation, then chances are that we can integrate your new design right into the software for you. This way you won’t need to worry about HTML code, JavaScript or any coding nightmares. We have integrated eBay listing templates into ChannelAdvisor, Vendio, Kyozou, Infopia and ProStores. If you don’t use one of these programs, let us know and we’ll see what needs to be done to accommodate you.

eBay Design Examples

We have included a selection of eBay Store designs created by our eBay designers.

eBay Store and Listing Design - Avid Max Outfitters
Company: Avid Max Outfitters
URL: http://stores.ebay.com/AvidMaxOutfitters
Project: eBay Store and Listing Template Design
eBay Store and Ad Template Design - Busted Tees
Company: Busted Tees
URL: http://stores.ebay.com/BustedTees
Project: eBay Store and Listing Template Design
eBay Store and Ad Listing Design - Pompeii 3 Jewelry
Company: Pompeii 3 Jewelry
URL: http://stores.ebay.com/Pompeii3-Jewelry
Project: eBay Store and Listing Template Design
Custom eBay Design and Listing Template - US Micro
Company: U.S. Micro Corp
URL: http://stores.ebay.com/US-Micro-Corp
Project: eBay Store and Listing Template Design
eBay Design and Ad Template - Closeout Linen
Company: Closeout Linen
URL: http://stores.ebay.com/Closeout-Linen-Store
Project: eBay Store and Listing Template Design
eBay store design and listing template - Woodland Direct
Company: Woodland Direct
URL: http://stores.ebay.com/WoodlandDirect-Outlet
Project: eBay Store and Listing Template Design
eBay design - TradePort USA
Company: TradePort USA
URL: http://stores.ebay.com/TradePort-USA
Project: eBay Store and Listing Template Design
eBay Store custom designer and ad template - The Automotive Works
Company: The Automotive Works
URL: http://stores.ebay.com/The-Automotive-Works
Project: eBay Store and Listing Template Design
eBay Store and Listing Template Customization - Fashion Avenue NYC

Company: Fashion Avenue NYC
URL: http://stores.ebay.com/Fashion-Avenue-NYC
Project: eBay Store and Listing Template Design
Distinct eBay Store and Template Design - WatchBandMan50

Company: WatchBandMan50
URL: http://stores.ebay.com/WatchBandMan50
Project: eBay Store and Listing Template Design

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Why do we say "award-winning" ebay design?

Not only is our design work some of the best and most creative work on eBay, but also one of our designs won eBay's most prestigious award.

In 2006, Grapevinehill won eBay's Best Looking Store award for their eBay Store design which was created by Diztinct.

In 2008, Diztinct's client, Woodland Direct, was nominated for eBay's Best Store Marketing award.

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