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Ecommerce Design

We specialize in ecommerce design and development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build e-commerce websites that are professional, feature-rich, and most importantly, that convert visitors to customers.

Our Ecommerce Design

Ecommerce is more popular than ever. Online holiday sales totaled $36.4 billion for the 2010 holiday selling season, up 15.5% from last year, according to MasterCard SpendingPulse. However, with the success of online sales comes more competition. Diztinct understands how crucial it is nowadays to have an e-commerce web site that performs on all levels.

That is why we produce online stores that possess all of the necessary tools to sell your products:

  • A custom design that is professional, creative and fits your target market.
    Our designers are adept at creating ecommerce stores that fit within your needs and the needs of your customers. We take pride in each and every one of our designs, so you can be assured that you’ll get quality work on each and every project.
  • Ecommerce features that make it easy for your customers to find and buy your stuff.
    From filtered navigation to quick views to zoom in features, we will make sure that you are getting the best and most effective features for your online store.
  • A shopping cart that is secure and reliable.
    Diztinct hasn’t written its own shopping cart software, but instead has partnered with several shopping cart systems. This allows us to help you select the shopping cart that meets your needs the best. Also, we only partner with the best and most reliable carts. You can read more about the carts that we support below.
  • Search engine optimization and social media marketing.
    While a well-designed and feature-rich ecommerce website is the necessary foundation, an online store won’t make any money if it doesn’t attract visitors. Search engine optimization and social media marketing are crucial to the success of your website. We offer packages that tailored to your needs and budget.

Supported Shopping Carts


If you are looking for multi-channel selling (a.k.a. selling on many different web sites and marketplaces) the ChannelAdvisor system is for you. Sell on eBay, Amazon, comparison shopping engines - like Google Shopping and ShopZilla - Buy.com, and your own web site.

We are a certified design partner of ChannelAdvisor and have been building web sites on the system since 2002.
Learn more about our ChannelAdvisor ecommerce design services


Big Commerce is a shopping cart system that allows you to sell on a website, on Facebook, on eBay and on comparison shopping engines. It is a “closed platform” meaning they restrict us from access to the source code, but allow us to customize the features that they create. Therefore, the setup is straightforward and easy to use, but the customization of additional features are dependant on Big Commerce.

The Big Commerce shopping cart is a great option for online sellers that are looking for a platform that has a great selection of e-commerce features and is a solid, reliable system with a full support team behind it.
Learn more about our BigCommerce website design services

Amazon Webstore

Amazon Webstore offers sellers a way to tie the inventory that they are selling on Amazon.com with an e-commerce website. The Amazon Webstore platform gives you the reliability and security of Amazon.com along with a fully customizable storefront.

Amazon Webstore is perfect for retailers who already sell on Amazon.com or plan to sell on Amazon.com and also desire a great e-commerce web site tied into one inventory system.
Learn more about our Amazon Webstore design services


ASPDotNetStorefront has been around since 1997. You are able to purchase a license for the cart and its source code. Because we have access to the code and database, this allows us to add a lot of custom design and features to the website.

ASPDotNetStorefront is a great solution for those sellers who are focused on building a custom e-commerce website from top to bottom and not necessarily on getting their products out to marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

The Process

  1. Discovery
    The first step in your e-commerce project is to spend some time with you to learn more about your company, products atnd target audience. We also submit a design questionnaire to you in order to get your thoughts on design, color scheme and other web sites that you like.
  2. Wireframing
    Wireframing is a fancy way of saying that we’ll work with you to establish a general idea of your e-commerce store layout and organization. This step helps our team create a design that will include the navigation, banners and other elements that you need.
  3. Design
    Now on to our specialty, design. We’ll take the notes that we gathered during the discovery and wireframing steps and begin creating the look and feel of your new web site. Once we have designed a worthy first draft of the new homepage, we’ll submit it to you for your feedback. You can let us know what you like and what you don’t like (don’t worry, you won’t hurt our feelings). This helps us to target the elements of the web site that we can leave and the elements that we need to continue to work on. We won’t move onto the next step until you are completely satisfied with the new design and sign off on it. Once you have approved the overall ecommerce design, we’ll begin creating layouts for the other parts of your online store while our developers begin the implementation.
  4. Implementation
    Our developers will take the new ecommerce website design and begin to integrate it into the shopping cart platform that you have selected.
  5. Testing
    Once the implementation is complete, you will upload your products to the new store and we will begin testing the website. We’ll check it out on all of the different browsers to ensure that each of your visitors are viewing and interacting with your store as intended.
  6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    If you have contracted us for SEO services, we’ll perform the initial on-site SEO work at this time.
  7. Launch
    Once everything is in order and you have reviewed and approved the new website, we will help you make the necessary hosting and domain name changes to get your e-commerce store live.
  8. Monthly Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
    These monthly services are optional, but we highly recommend them. In today’s competitive e-commerce world, initial SEO work is just not enough; therefore, establishing a monthly marketing and optimization plan with us is one way to ensure that your online store will receive continual nurturing both on-site and off-site to increase your web traffic, conversion rates and sales.


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Why Choose Diztinct?

  • We work with you to understand your company and target audience.
  • Our designers perform top-quality, professional design work.
  • We are a small ecommerce design company with a select number of clients, so we can attend to each client personally.
  • We are looking to build relationships with our clients, not one-and-done projects.
  • We work with some of the best ecommerce platforms out there.

E-Commerce platforms that we design for:

ChannelAdvisor E-Commerce Design Partner

BigCommerce Authorized Reseller and E-Commerce Design Partner

Amazon Webstore E-Commerce Design Partner

ASPDotNetStorefront Design Partner

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