BigCommerce Competitors

Artistic illustration of a person standing in front of a row of doors. The illustration symbolizes the choices business owners have to make when selecting an eCommerce platform for their websites: BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento.

How does BigCommerce stack up against the Big Three of eCommerce? A business is only as strong as its foundation and when it comes to eCommerce, the foundation on which to build your website can […]

Template or Custom Website Design

Stylistic photo of a hand on a keyboard with an overlay of various coding-themed icons and graphics. The illustration is intended to evoke the idea of custom web design.

Basic web templates and themes can get your business online fast, but a completely custom website is best for brand identity and business growth. This is the Ford F-Series pickup truck. Since 1978, it has […]

WooCommerce VS Shopify

Miniature gold shopping cart-shaped trophy, representing who's the best in eCommerce: WooCommerce or Shopify.

A breakdown of the similarities and differences between the two biggest names in eCommerce. In our previous article, we discussed the major advantages and disadvantages between WooCommerce and BigCommerce. We concluded that despite WooCommerce’s strengths […]

WooCommerce VS BigCommerce

Depending on the type of business, WooCommerce can either help or hinder your website's selling abilities.

WooCommerce or BigCommerce: Which is the right choice for your website? WooCommerce is the second largest eCommerce platform in the US, second only to Shopify. Helping to make this possible is WordPress, which powers over […]

Shopify Competitors

Photo of a shopping cart with overlays of various eCommerce and Internet user-based icons.

A Quick Look at Three Major Shopify Alternatives Of the near-9 million live eCommerce websites based in the United States, Shopify powers 2,445,570 of them–and for good reason. Shopify’s ease of use, outstanding customer support, […]

BigCommerce Purchases Feedonomics

A stylized photo of a handshake, representing the sale of Feedonomics to BigCommerce.

BigCommerce Takes Another Step in Becoming the World’s Most Powerful eCommerce Platform July was a huge month for Austin, TX-based BigCommerce. On July 20th, the company unveiled their newly-formed partnership with Mercado Libre. This venture […]

Magento End of Life

Misty morning at a graveyard. Magento 1 has reached its end of life.

Magento 1 was discontinued back in June 2020, but the majority of websites using Magento are still on the Magento 1.x platform. Adobe’s Magento is one of the most popular and widely used platforms in […]

Verizon Sells Yahoo

Red sold stamp over the purple Yahoo Y logo.

What does this mean for users on the Yahoo Small Business eCommerce platform? On May 3rd, 2021, it was announced that Verizon had sold off 90% of Yahoo and AOL to private equity firm Apollo […]

GoDaddy VS. BigCommerce

BigCommerce blue logo

A head-to-head comparison on two of the biggest names in eCommerce. Previously, we compared BigCommerce against two of the oldest and longest-tenured eCommerce service providers in the industry: Yahoo Small Business and Volusion. We came […]

Volusion Bankruptcy

BigCommerce blue logo

What does Volusion’s recent bankruptcy announcement mean for users of their platform? On July 27th, 2020, Volusion filed for Chapter 11 and officially entered the reorganizing and restructuring phase. The bankruptcy filing was the aftermath […]