10 Best BigCommerce Apps for 2022

Get ready for 2022 with these 10 must-have apps for your BigCommerce website.

The use of apps can expand BigCommerce's already powerful built-in feature set.
The use of apps can expand BigCommerce’s already powerful built-in feature set.

The popular BigCommerce platform comes standard with many useful features that aren’t found on other competing systems without upgrading to a higher tier subscription plan. But in order to get the absolute most out of this powerful eCommerce solution, there are hundreds of supplemental apps and integrations available for BigCommerce that are designed to turn your eCommerce website into a virtual workforce. From marketing and customer retention to shipping to even accounting, choosing the right set of apps can have a serious positive impact on your revenue and business growth potential.

Here are our 10 favorite picks that we think your website needs to make 2022 your best selling year yet.

1: Smile.io

The biggest customer rewards program in the world to date is Smile.io. Smile.io has over 25,000 different rewards programs such as loyalty points, referral bonuses, and VIP status. Users can earn rewards by performing simple actions such as creating a customer account, sharing products on social media, or by placing an order. The app is also designed for easy integration and its simple interface allows even the non tech-savvy to use it. Like BigCommerce itself, Smile.io is fully-customizable and rewards programs can be created to be fun and engaging for your customers. Additional important features include mobile optimization, customer reminders, and integrations with other major apps like Mailchimp and Yotpo.

Learn more about Smile.io.

2: ShipStation

An absolute must for high-volume online retailers, ShipStation is a comprehensive shipping and fulfillment system that eliminates the hassle of individual manual entry. With ShipStation, multi-channel merchants who sell on third-party marketplaces (IE: Amazon, eBay, etc.) can sync their orders and shipping data according to each marketplace’s specific shipping guidelines. ShipStation supports the major US parcel services: USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and more. Plus, ShipStation can also locate the best premium shipping discounts per carrier, helping you streamline your order processing and fulfillment tasks.

Learn more about ShipStation.

3: Back in Stock Product Alerts by Swym

With over 50% of all Internet traffic coming from mobile devices, adding Back in Stock Product Alerts by Swym to your website will help engage these users through cross-device experiences. The typical eCommerce website is not adequately equipped to handle multi-session shopping but with Swym, shoppers can navigate between their various devices for a seamless shopping experience. For example, a shopper visits your website on their phone or tablet and adds an item into the shopping cart. Swym will send a cart reminder to the user if they revisit the website on another machine, such as a desktop or a laptop. Swym also works even if the user isn’t logged into an account. Gain a 30 to 35% clickthrough rate on their alerts and a 20% conversion rate on alert traffic with Back in Stock Product Alerts by Swym.

Learn more about Back in Stock Product Alerts by Swym.

4: QuickBooks Online

Intuit’s QuickBooks Online incorporates the great features of their powerful QuickBooks accounting software into a cloud-based service for BigCommerce websites. Manage accounting, income, expenses, payroll, create custom invoices, manage cash flow, and more with QuickBooks online. Because it is cloud-based, users can access the QuickBooks Online backend from anywhere with Internet connectivity. All data is securely sent to the cloud and can be exported into Excel spreadsheets. QuickBooks Online can also auto-sync with all connected devices, users, and platforms, as well as create user rights and exclusions. Integration is easy with BigCommerce; setup just takes a few clicks.

Learn more about QuickBooks Online.

5: Google Shopping by Sales & Orders

One of the quickest and most effective ways to expand your market reach is through Google integration. Google is the #1 top search engine and, as such, most SEO rules and rankings are determined by the Google algorithm. With Google Shopping by Sales & Orders, you can quickly expand your brand’s public awareness and increase revenue by connecting your BigCommerce website to Google, Bing, Facebook, and Instagram. Upload your products onto Google Shopping and manage your product feed through Google Merchant Center. Market your products through Google Ads and keep track of performance with Google Analytics. Rectify import errors and other feed issues with real-time feed issue reporting, set up feed rules for efficiency and optimal Google Shopping placement, and optimize your shopping campaigns for customer targeting, automatic bidding, and more.

Learn more about Google Shopping by Sales & Orders.

6: Facebook Ads by Sales & Orders

Facebook Ads by Sales & Orders connects your BigCommerce web store to Facebook Business Manager. Advertise, target, and sell through Facebook and Instagram and enjoy the bump in web traffic and income by reaching out to the over 1 billion monthly users on both social media networks. Direct more visitors to your BigCommerce website through Dynamic Ads for Facebook and Instagram Shops by targeting interests and previous actions. Facebook Ads by Sales & Orders is an absolute must-have app for merchants with a large social media presence.

Learn more about Facebook Ads by Sales & Orders.

7: Mailchimp

Your store may offer the absolute best deals and lowest unbeatable prices on popular items or be the last holdout on hard-to-find, last-chance products. However, without proper marketing, your website has very little chance of being discovered by the millions upon millions of potential customers. Like any company, marketing and advertising is important in getting your name out to the public and announcing your presence to the masses. With online marketing, there are options in paid search and social media but the oldest and most effective is direct EMail. MailChimp is one such EMail marketing provider that seamlessly integrates with your BigCommerce store. With MailChimp, you can create focused, targeted campaigns to advertise sales promotions, featured products, and recommended upsells to a list of registered subscribers. MailChimp’s detailed ROI reports can help determine which sales methods are effective and which aren’t.

Click here to learn more about MailChimp.

8: Yotpo Product Reviews

User-generated content, or UGC, encompasses images, videos, blogs, or written content created by users of an online system that is then publicly shared with other users. For ecommerce, UGC is extremely valuable as it allows for shoppers to interact and share information with other online shoppers as well as the retailer. Yotpo takes user-generated content such as product reviews and uses it to drive traffic which, in turn, increases conversion rates and boost sales. Placement of Yotpo’s customizable widgets onto your BigCommerce store’s product pages can increase conversion rates up to 120%. It is a mobile-friendly interface, which allows it to reach the increasing base of mobile web shoppers through tablets and smartphones. Additional features include social curation and social media integration, allowance of user-generated photo posting, coupons, SEO aids such as Rich Snippets and Google Seller Ratings, and more.

Click here to learn more about Yotpo.

9: AfterShip & Returns Center

Organize tracking numbers and customer returns with AfterShip & Returns Center. Both outbound and inbound shipments can be managed through AfterShip’s single app. Improve your customer satisfaction rate and give first-time shoppers added confidence by sending them immediate updates on their shipments. AfterShip supports tracking info from over 700 carriers including USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Australia Post and can generate prepaid labels for over 9 couriers. View the delivery statuses on all of your orders through the AfterShip dashboard, organize shipments through  3 preselected categories, and send your customers tracking update and delivery notifications through SMS, EMail, and Facebook Messenger. AfterShip can also offer your customers upsells through targeted product recommendations and promotion banners. Key return status help you decide to accept, resolve, or decline return requests and generate discounted USPS prepaid labels with no minimum shipping volume. The built-in analytics system can help identify product issues which lead to returns or internal procedures within your company that negatively impact the shipping process.

Learn more about AfterShip & Returns Center.

10: Sellbrite

Third-party selling allows for companies both big and small to expand their customer bases while piggybacking on the brand recognition of these super retailers. In turn, these third-party super retailers benefit from additional product being showcased on their respective websites without having to physically store them on their own locations. For online businesses looking to either venture into the world of third-party marketplaces or for companies wishing to maximize the productiveness of their third-party efforts, Sellbrite is a sales channel provider with a simple and easy-to-use interface that caters to all levels of user experience. Sellbrite connects your BigCommerce product catalog with third-party sellers and can bulk upload your entire inventory to such marketplaces as eBay and Amazon in mere seconds. Sellbrite gives you the ability to monitor, revise, and resist your products from a single location, as well as the dexterity to open multiple sales channel accounts under a single master account. Customize and create product rules and variations, synchronize your entire inventory based on user-set rules, and expand your sales potential with Sellbrite Multi-Channel eCommerce Software.

Click here to learn more about Sellbrite.

Discover more apps through the official BigCommerce Apps Marketplace.

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