App Spotlight: Ads and Listings on Google

BigCommerce stores can expand their customer reach with Google Ads and Google free listings.

Ads and Listings on Google for BigCommerce
(SOURCE: BigCommerce)

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BigCommerce (Nasdaq: BIGC), a leading Open SaaS ecommerce platform for fast-growing and established brands, today announced the launch of Ads and Listings on Google, a new native app that enables small to medium-sized BigCommerce merchants in the U.S. to connect their store to the Google Merchant Center and add products for free. Merchants can also take advantage of Google Ads campaigns to reach more customers and uncover performance insights and trends, ensuring a consistent brand experience. (SOURCE: October 21, 2021 official press release)

Last October, BigCommerce and Google announced the launch of the Ads and Listings on Google app for BigCommerce stores. The Ads and Listings on Google app is the most recent product resulting from BigCommerce and Google’s ongoing partnership, as well as Google’s latest effort to dethrone Amazon as eCommerce’s reigning industry king.

What Does Ads and Listings on Google Do?

BigCommerce’s Ads and Listings on Google is a free app that allows BigCommerce stores to sync with the Google Merchant Center. From there, products can be automatically included in Google’s free listings. Users can also broaden their brand’s reach and customer base by creating Smart Shopping campaigns across Google Search, Google Shopping, YouTube, GMail, and the Google Display Network. The Ads and Listings on Google app also includes analytics features to help track performance and identify problem listings/failed listings which can then be repaired in BigCommerce.

The Ads and Listings on Google app makes use of two important Google functions: Google Free Listings and Google Ads’ Smart Shopping/Performance Max.

Google Free Listings

Google recognized the hardships faced by the retail industry during the onset of the COVID pandemic. The company had already planned to eliminate the cost requirements for retailers to sell through Google services but in light of the pandemic, the deadline was reduced and free listings became available for US-based merchants in April 2020 (global merchants gained access later in October of the same year). Free Google product listings were also extended to Google Search Knowledge Panels and became entirely organic, reversing the previous requirement of paid/sponsored listings.

Retailers, shoppers, and Advertisers were now able to take full advantage of the Google Search organic results algorithm. Retailers gained free exposure to Google’s immense user base (nearly 246 million in the US, alone), shoppers now had access to products and sellers far beyond the limited scope of Amazon, and advertisers could supplement paid ads with free listings and organic search results.

Smart Shopping/Performance Max

Google Ads’ Smart Shopping is a sales campaign management system that uses your product feed and Google AI to create and display ads across various Google networks. Google AI will test the ads and highlight the best-performing examples. Automatic bidding can also be done with Smart Shopping; Google AI will automate ad placement and bidding based on algorithms and your predetermined budget for maximum return on investment (ROI). Google Smart Shopping campaigns can be set to display products to potential customers based on time and location.

Performance Max (debuting later in April 2022) is the next evolution of Google Smart Shopping and Local campaigns. The same features and functions will be retained, but Performance Max adds all-new inventory and automation insights, including the ability to reach customers through online, offline, and omnichannel methods.

According to Google’s own internal data, Google sees an average increase in clicks of over 50% and an increase in impressions of over 100% on the Shopping tab when free listings and ads are combined. This benefits small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) the most as both will experience the largest amount of increases in clicks and impressions.

Key Benefits to Ads and Listings on Google

The BigCommerce Channel Manager app offers merchants direct access to the Ads and Listings on Google app, so they can upload products, create ad campaigns and generate reports to track and monitor shopper behavior.

There are three key benefits to using the Ads and Listings on Google app with BigCommerce:

  • Organize your product catalog in one place.
  • Expand your customer base and drive traffic to your website.
  • Gain more insight.

Organize Your Product Catalog in One Place

Store owners can upload product listings, create paid campaigns, and monitor and analyze performance from within BigCommerce. Google will automatically sync any changes to ensure a consistent brand experience throughout all Google channels.

Expand Your Customer Base and Drive Traffic to Your Website

To further increase customer reach, merchants can get in touch with the right shoppers at the right time when they’re searching for products across Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, and the web.

Gain More Insight

Using Google’s Merchant Center, merchants can measure the impact of each sale and show their products to the most valuable customers to maximize marketing efforts.

Ads and Listings on Google is available for web stores using the BigCommerce platform. 

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