BigCommerce Achieves Goldman Sachs Buy Rating

Analysts predict an over 50% uptick in BigCommerce stock over the next 12 months.

Monday, December 20, 2021: Goldman Sachs gives BigCommerce stock a buy rating.
Monday, December 20, 2021: Goldman Sachs gives BigCommerce stock a buy rating.

Last year in July, BigCommerce filed for an IPO. They went public on August 5th, 2020. This past Monday, BigCommerce (NASDAQ: BIGC) received a buy rating from Goldman Sachs and the global investment firm states that they predict a stock growth of over 50% in the next coming 12 month period.

According to this report by Seeking Alpha, BigCommerce shares are on the rise after Monday’s announcement. BigCommerce shares are up more than 3% to $40 and despite them losing over a third of their value throughout 2021, Goldman Sachs analyst Gabriela Borges believes that BigCommerce will continue to grow thanks to their ‘open ecosystem’ approach. BigCommerce primarily focuses on partnering with a broad spectrum of vendors to allow customers to pick and choose their functionality. This, she believes, will assist in BigCommerce’s future growth in the coming year.

BigCommerce’s focus is on omni-channel selling, which grants merchants the ability to sell not just on the BigCommerce platform, but to also sell through third-party such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media and headless commerce applications. BigCommerce is also in position to advance even closer to Shopify’s dominance in the US eCommerce market as they seek to attract larger-scale, enterprise companies. Gabriela Borges also maintains that contrary to BigCommerce’s exceptionally high volume of API calls in their centralized marketplace, they can continue to monetize the ecosystem and increase shares over time through omni-channel selling, B2B, upcoming platform feature updates and improvements, and further expansion into international markets. Last July, BigCommerce publicly announced their partnership with Mercado Libre to expand into the Latin American market while Mercado Libre themselves continue to reach into the United States market. This was publicized a week before the announcement of BigCommerce’s acquisition of Feedonomics.

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