BigCommerce Partners with Bolt

Bolt brings one-click checkout to BigCommerce merchants of all sizes.

bigcommerce and bolt financial present one-click checkout for all bigcommerce stores.
BigCommerce and Bolt Financial, simplifying the shopping experience together.

Bolt One-Click Checkout for BigCommerce

March 14, 2022: Shoppers and merchants alike prefer the ease and convenience of a one-click checkout solution as multiple step checkouts are often the cause of high bounce rates and cart abandonment. This has become more of a priority in recent years due to the increased volume of online transactions. Accordingly, BigCommerce and San Francisco’s Bolt Financial partnered up to offer merchants a simple one-click checkout through the BigCommerce eCommerce platform.

BigCommerce merchants, regardless of size, can now add Bolt One-Click Checkout to their stores by connecting through the payment settings in the admin section. Additional code writing and implementation is not needed with Bolt One-Click Checkout which saves time for website admins as well as for shoppers and paying customers.

Bolt says that a big advantage to their one-click checkout is that it also enables one-click registration for first-time shoppers in the merchant’s existing guest checkout flow. The one-click registration makes it easier for shoppers to be known and recognized within the system. This permits shoppers to freely navigate throughout the website under a single identity without having to repeat the login process during checkout. Bolt’s one-click checkout also allows BigCommerce stores to retain their existing guest checkout while enjoying such additional perks like increased conversion rates. BigCommerce states that incorporating a one-click checkout can improve conversion rates as much as 53% and extend customer reach.

“Shoppers expect a seamless checkout experience, whether they’re purchasing from a local boutique or a huge global retailer, so it’s crucial that these businesses provide the same quick, easy checkout that the biggest platforms do. We’ve streamlined installation to make sure businesses of all sizes have nearly instant access to our network of tens of millions of shoppers.”

Bob Buch
Chief Business Officer at Bolt Financial, Inc.

BigCommerce merchants can also leverage Bolt’s 160+ pre-built integrations with payment processors, tax, shipping, enterprise resource planning solutions, and more. The agnostic architecture of Bolt grants BigCommerce stores the ability to connect to existing payment solutions and admins can also obtain business insights analytics through logging into the Bolt dashboard.

Advantages to Bolt One-Click Checkout

Merchants aren’t the only ones who benefit from Bolt’s One-Click Checkout. No matter which merchant with whom customers shop, Bolt makes shopping easier for millions of people around the world.

  • Keep your checkout. One Click integration allows you to maintain your guest checkout flow. Avoid the hassle of remembering passwords and filling out forms. Shoppers in the Bolt network can easily check out with just one click from your store.
  • Ready in minutes. Easy configuration and one-click checkout. Connect your payment processor to BigCommerce’s Payment Settings page, turn on Bolt, and you’re ready to go.
  • Integrations. Bolt has over 160 built-in integrations with payment processors, alternative payment methods, tax, shipping, back office ERP, and more.
  • Network and data benefits. Log into the Bolt merchant dashboard to gain insights into network-driven transactions. Data on network-driven sales volume, account creation, AOV, and more can be accessed through the embedded accelerated checkout.
  • No GMV requirement. Bolt is now available to all BigCommerce merchants, regardless of sales volume.
  • Access to the Bolt Network. After joining the Bolt Network, customers can easily shop between all the merchants on the network.
  • A personalized post-checkout experience. The Bolt customer experience can be customized easily by merchants. This can mean more conversions, but it can also translate into a happier customer over time.

“The last two years have accelerated changes in what consumers expect to get out of their shopping experience, where trends like buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS), buy now, pay later (BNPL), and payments processing are rapidly gaining traction. Having the right technology and infrastructure in place is essential for merchants to deliver on those expectations while focusing on the business at hand. Expanding the availability of Bolt to all of our merchants will enable those store owners to further refine and optimize their checkout and overall conversion rates strategies, while still preserving their access to the myriad payment and other technology partner solutions that they also want to deploy.”

Russell Klein
Chief Commercial Officer at BigCommerce

BigCommerce Partners with Deliveright

Earlier in March, BigCommerce entered a brand new partnership with Deliveright, a leading final-mile digital delivery platform that offers white-glove service. Deliveright’s AI-powered solution simplifies the complex intricacies of heavy goods shipments (such as furniture) by automating the entire process.

The new app lets BigCommerce store operators take control of every stage of fulfillment, from point-of-origin to destination, all supplemented with real-time data. Direct integration with Deliveright’s Grasshopper platform provides instant shipping quotes and offers multiple receiving service options ranging from curbside delivery to premium white-glove delivery.

The most challenging process within the supply chain is North American last-mile delivery market share, which is expected to see a near $60B increase by 2025. With Deliveright, BigCommerce sellers can solve final-mile, heavy shipment challenges in this fragmented market.

“The importance of a seamless delivery process cannot be overstated, as it plays a critical role in a brand’s overall service quality. More than ever, consumers want to receive their online purchases quickly, regardless of pervasive supply chain issues. BigCommerce merchants have the opportunity to potentially mitigate delivery delays and improve customer experience with complete visibility and a focus on solving the ever-elusive final-mile challenge.”

Doug Ladden
CEO of Deliveright.

“Our partnership with Deliveright further illustrates our commitment to providing merchants access to the highest-caliber technologies and service providers available in the industry. Deliveright shares our desire to help merchants sell more and grow faster to maximize success, and we look forward to working together to mutually support customers.”

Russell Klein
Chief Commercial Officer at BigCommerce

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