Gift Cards: Good for eCommerce

Gift cards are an absolute necessity for retailers–especially in eCommerce. Whether it be a family member, a close friend, or even an acquaintance; there’s always that one person (or more) in your circle who’s extremely […]

Shopify Help

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned Shopify user or new to the platform, Diztinct can assist you with all things Shopify. Shopify is the most popular and widely-used eCommerce platform in the United States and […]

App Spotlight: Klaviyo

Klaviyo Logo

Create the perfect personalized shopping experience for your customers and improve ROI with Klaviyo’s eCommerce marketing system. Earlier this year, a survey was held asking consumers what their main reasons are for shopping online. Of […]

App Spotlight: Searchspring

Searchspring logo

Improve your customers’ shopping experience by adding this app to your BigCommerce or Shopify website. Your eCommerce website has many roles to fill. Not only is it your company’s virtual storefront, it also has to […]

10 Best Shopify Apps for 2022

Check out these 10 killer apps your Shopify website could certainly use in 2022. Shopify has one of the widest assortments of apps and add-ons out of all the major eCommerce platforms. Whether it’s marketing, […]

10 Best BigCommerce Apps for 2022

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10 Hot Web Design Trends for 2022

Build a website that looks as good as it performs with these 10 cutting-edge design trends for 2022. First impressions are everything. Even if you’ve got a long-established presence on the Internet, there will always […]

BigCommerce Competitors

How does BigCommerce stack up against the Big Three of eCommerce? A business is only as strong as its foundation and when it comes to eCommerce, the foundation on which to build your website can […]

Template or Custom Website Design

Basic web templates and themes can get your business online fast, but a completely custom website is best for brand identity and business growth. This is the Ford F-Series pickup truck. Since 1978, it has […]

WooCommerce VS Shopify

A breakdown of the similarities and differences between the two biggest names in eCommerce. In our previous article, we discussed the major advantages and disadvantages between WooCommerce and BigCommerce. We concluded that despite WooCommerce’s strengths […]