How to Create Coupon Codes in BigCommerce

How to Manage Coupon Codes in BigCommerce

Shoppers appreciate a good bargain. That’s one of the main reasons why retailers offer coupon discounts, to entice the shopper into becoming a paying customer. Or, for the customer already making a purchase, a coupon can act as an incentive for that customer to supplement the original order with more items, thus building a larger purchase. Like the “brick-and-mortar” store that offers coupons in the Sunday newspaper or the local entertainment guide, online retailers can promote discounts and bargains through coupon codes. Below is a step-by-step guide for making your own coupon codes in BigCommerce.

NOTE: Coupons are limited to only one per order. However, coupons can be combined with discount rules or free shipping promotions.

BigCommerce Manage Coupons


To view your list of coupons, go to Marketing > Coupon Codes.

On the coupon code screen, you will see 7 columns:

  • Coupon Name – Identify your specific coupon with a name.
  • Coupon Code – This is the code for the customer to use at checkout (codes are not case-sensitive).
  • Discount – Discount amount and type.
  • Expiry Date – The expiration date; the coupon will automatically deactivate after this date.
  • No. Uses – Number of recorded uses.
  • Enabled – Enable or disable a coupon.
  • Action – Action to take per coupon: Edit, *Copy to Clipboard, and View Orders.

*Microsoft Internet Explorer, only.

To delete a coupon, highlight its name by checking the box next to it, and then click the trash can icon.

BigCommerce Create a Coupon Code


  • Go to Marketing > Coupon Codes.
  • Click Create a Coupon Code.
  • Fill out the coupon details (Coupon Name and Coupon Code).
  • Choose your type of discount (percentage or dollar amount for all discount types, except free shipping).
  • Coupon restrictions: Set the minimum purchase, total number of uses (limit total number of uses or limit number of uses per customer).
  • Enable the coupon by clicking the check box marked, Enabled.
  • In the Expiry Date field, set the ending date of the coupon’s run. After this date has passed, the coupon will automatically disable itself. The coupon will expire at 11:59:59PM of the day entered in this field. Time is based on the timezone set in your store’s settings. If applicable, choose any advanced settings and then SAVE YOUR CHANGES.

BigCommerce Advanced Coupon Settings


  • Location Restriction Settings – Limit your coupon usage by specific regions. Click the check box next to Limit By Location and select whether you want to restrict the location to one or more countries, states/provinces, or ZIP/postal codes. Unchecked selections will be excluded from this coupon.
  • Shipping Method Restriction Settings – To restrict your coupon to only allow certain shipping methods, click the check box next to Limit By Shipping and select whichever carrier(s) you want included in your coupon. Unchecked selections will be excluded from the coupon.

Now that you’ve created and activated your coupon, wait a little bit so that your shoppers have a chance to pick up on it and then check back to view its performance. You can view coupon usage by total amount in the main coupon code page, or you can see if a coupon was used on an individual order.

  • To view a coupon’s usage count, go to Marketing > Coupon Codes. Find your coupon in the list and the total number of uses will be in the column marked No. Uses.
  • To see if a coupon has been used on an order, go to Orders > View Orders and click the plus (+) icon on the left and it will open up the order details. There, you can see whether or not the customer had applied a coupon. The coupon code, if used, will appear in the subtotal.

Congratulations! You now know how to set up your own coupon codes.

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