Nextech AR Launches ARitize 3D for BigCommerce

Nextexch AR and BigCommerce introduce ARitize 3D, an automated 3D modeling app to further enhance the augmented reality shopping experience.

ARitize 3D for BigCommerce turns 2D product images into interactive full 3D models.
ARitize 3D for BigCommerce turns 2D product images into interactive full 3D models.

ARitize 3D for BigCommerce

April 19, 2022: Nextech AR Solutions Corp., an industry-leading developer of augmented reality (AR) technology, has partnered with Austin, TX’s BigCommerce to extend their groundbreaking AR modeling software for BigCommerce users. ARitize 3D for BigCommerce delivers the company’s famed 3D modeling software to BigCommerce merchants as an easy-to-integrate app, seamlessly providing BigCommerce platform users the abilities to incorporate 3D models for augmented reality. This partnership with BigCommerce is one of the latest in Nextech’s corporate rollout of eCommerce platform relationships, previously in January with Shopify and later this year with Magento and WooCommerce. Nextech plans to continuously distribute their ARitize 3D modeling software to millions of eCommerce merchants across the globe throughout all of 2022 and beyond.

Nextech AR – Metaverse Solutions suite from Nextech AR Solutions on Vimeo.

ARitize uses Nextech’s proprietary AI-powered 3D modeling engine and the app will grant BigCommerce stores easy self-serve access to its capabilities. Artificial intelligence that is programmed into the app can convert your existing 2D product photos into high-quality 3D models. Transform basic product pages into fully-interactive virtual showrooms. Shoppers can view products at every angle, position, and even virtually insert them into their own environments, giving them a clearer visual (albeit, still simulated) representation  of the item in real life. 3D modeling and AR create enhanced user immersion to help to boost customer engagement and boost conversion rates while significantly reducing product returns. With ARitize, integration of 3D modeling and augmented reality is made simple and affordable. BigCommerce users can subscribe and manage the app directly from their BigCommerce accounts.

Nextech believes that this software is the first of its kind as the first true self-service AR SaaS platform that provides high-quality 3D AR models while offering affordability, scalability, and ease-of-use. Like previous iterations of the app for other platforms, ARitize 3D for BigCommerce promises the following:

  • Affordability
  • Scalability
  • Simple, frictionless integration that does not require additional developer support.
  • AI-powered modeling engine that turns 2D images into full 3D-rendered models.
  • Streamlined operation, from creation to execution, all taking place within BigCommerce.

This launch of the BigCommerce app is another milestone for Nextech and showcases that we are continuing to hit our targets, providing us with another distribution channel and placing our ground-breaking AI powered 3D modeling technology in front of more commerce merchants. After integrating with Shopify in January, our development team has been hard at work to continue our third party ecommerce platform integration. This is just the beginning, as it is only the second of several apps that we are planning to roll out throughout 2022 as we are aggressively working towards the goal of becoming the leading 3D model factory and AR supplier to ecommerce sites around the globe. ARitize 3D provides a frictionless solution for ecommerce site owners to easily sign up and create 3D models at scale, and these apps will allow Nextech to meet the increasing global demand for 3D and AR solutions.

Evan Gappelberg
Founder and CEO of Nextech AR
April 19, 2022

Like the earlier Shopify version, ARitize for BigCommerce includes a 30-day free trial of its entry-level Starter and basic subscription plans. Both the Starter and Basic plans include 3D modeling creation and 3D model hosting functions, integration support, and a choice of either monthly or annual billing for continued subscription. There are also separate pricing plans for SMBs, mid-market, and enterprise level eCommerce businesses.

Why is AR Important?

In 2020, augmented reality (AR) technology saw a boom in eCommerce usage by both major corporations and small businesses that were eager to stay on the cutting edge. This, unsurprisingly, was a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that turned the world upside down. People were advised to restrict unnecessary interpersonal contact which, in turn, disrupted the chain of commerce from production all the way down to stocking and selling. eCommerce, together with AR technology and virtual shopping, allowed for business to continue. Consumers were now allowed to resume the business cycle from the comfort and convenience–as well as safety–of their own homes.

Some interesting AR stats:

  • AR engagement is up nearly 20% since the beginning of 2020 with conversion rates increasing by 90% for consumers engaging with AR compared to those that don’t. (SOURCE: Retail Customer Experience)
  • Online furniture and lifestyle retailer CB2 found that product pages featuring 3D and AR experiences drove 21% higher revenue per visit and a 13% lift in average order size. (SOURCE: Retail Customer Experience)
  • 3D content can increase conversion by up to 27.96% on retailer websites. (SOURCE: Mobile Marketer)
  • 48% of Shoppers are already using or willing to use AR to assess new products and services. (SOURCE: Nielsen)
  • In 2021, the number of mobile AR users is expected to reach over 800 million and is forecast to grow to 1.73 billion by 2024. Growth is expected in both the enterprise and consumer segments, including digital AR experiences. (SOURCE: Statista)
  • 83.1M of consumers in the US used AR monthly in 2020. This is 15% of the population. (SOURCE: eMarketer)
  • The AR market is estimated to reach $198B in value by 2025. (SOURCE: Statista)
  • Enterprise businesses are projected to become the largest piece of the AR market by 2030. (SOURCE: Research and Markets)
  • 70% of consumers aged 16 to 44 are aware of AR. (SOURCE: Leftronic)
  • 32% of consumers use AR while shopping (SOURCE: Wikitude)

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