Product Feed Management with Feedonomics

Feedonomics lets web stores automatically manage and optimize product inventories, listings, and orders all within a central hub.

Feedonomics lets you manage catalog listings, orders, and inventory from one centralized platform.
Feedonomics lets you manage catalog listings, orders, and inventory from one centralized platform.

Online retailers have two basic options when it comes to uploading their inventories onto their websites. The old-fashioned way is through manual entry and depending on the size and scope of your business and inventory, this can be a Sisyphean ordeal. The other, more modern method is by way of a product feed; generated CSV, TXT, or XML spreadsheets that contain the relevant product information that is uploaded into a database and then distributed onto a retail website or shopping channel as individual product listings.

But generating and uploading the product feed is only one part of the entire product feed management process. Take into consideration the visibility of each listing. Are the products easily searchable and findable on the Internet? Are they marketed and priced accordingly? In addition to their own websites, the more marketplaces an online retailer chooses to incorporate, the more attention must be paid to maintaining these auxiliary product listings. Wouldn’t it be nice to consolidate all of the product feed and inventory management processes into a single location? It would definitely save time, money, and manpower. Luckily, this is where Feedonomics comes into play.

Automated and Centralized Management with Feedonomics

Feedonomics is a full-service product feed management platform that automates key product feed management functions such as listing and order management, catalog optimization, and multichannel selling into a singular unified dashboard versus multiple seller portals, Feedonomics also improves your business’ marketing efforts and boosts conversion rates by optimizing listings for premium search engine rankings and visibility. With the power of AI technology, Feedonomics can import product data from anywhere, automatically optimize the most immense product catalogs, and distribute listings across hundreds of seller channels. Over 300 channels are supported by Feedonomics, including major marketplaces such as Amazon, Google Shopping, eBay, Facebook, and Etsy as well as multichannel retailers such as Target Plus, Walmart, J.Crew, Kohl’s, Newegg, and Saks. 10 billion SKUs are processed daily through Feedonomics, with 5 million data transformation rules and 180,000 import downloads per day. The platform is touted as the eCommerce industry’s most powerful data feed management system and with those daily statistics, it’s easy to understand why.

Feedonomics Features and Benefits

Feedonomics delivers automation, optimization, up-to-the-moment error recognition and troubleshooting, performance monitoring, and unparalleled 24-7-365 user support. Create multiple product catalogs based on a single data feed by following the best practices for each channel. Stay up-to-date with your product data throughout the day to make your listings accurate and prices competitive. Utilize Feedonomics to connect to a wide range of advertising and marketplace channels across more than 60 countries. Plus, Feedonomics is compatible with existing systems with direct integrations with the top eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Feedonomics’ automated systems and proprietary AI technology protect your listings and prevent bad exports from data corruption. Inventory buffers observe your current stock and help you to avoid overselling, thus protecting your seller ranks. 


Product optimization, catalog listing, and other feed management processes are automated through Feedonomics.
Product optimization, catalog listing, and other feed management processes are automated through Feedonomics. (SOURCE: G2)

Import source data from anywhere with Feedonomics. Feedonomics will accept a wide variety of file formats such as delimited CSV, TSV, XML, JSON, and NDJSON and feed delivery through URL, FTP, SFTP, API, or local upload. If a feed export is not available, Feedonomics can set up and use custom web crawlers to collect product data from your website. The software can also boost product visibility by automatically inserting trending converting keywords that might be missing from your product titles and descriptions.

On top of that, automatic order management can be handled by Feedonomics. Feedonomics can communicate with your third-party marketplaces and import them directly into your system. Upon successful import, Feedonomics will gather the fulfillment information (such as shipping details and order cancellations) and insert it back into the marketplace channels. What makes this all possible is Feedonomics’ FeedAMP system. FeedAMP can automate order synchronization from all of your external marketplaces without replacing your current order management system.

Feedonomics lets you oversee the selling performance of your inventory and allows you to easily weed out the lowest-performing items per channel. You can also create a master feed based on cost, profit margin, and revenue per individual SKU. Feedonomics monitors your imports and will notify you of any feed errors or sudden problems with Google Shopping (such as warnings or disapprovals) in real time, allowing you to single out and rectify any discrepancies before they have a chance to disrupt business. If a problem arises that cannot be easily remedied, Feedonomics has a hard-working and dedicated full-service support team available 24-7-365 that’s ready to assist you.

Flexibility in Inventory Organization

Feedonomics streamlines inventory organization and gives you more freedom towards how you choose to list your products. You can assign custom rules to individual or all exports, as well as sequence the rules in a preferred order. Custom designated fields can be allotted to both parent and child SKUs for easy tracking and exporting. Image and color mapping tools pull product images into Feedonomics for easy editing to maximize accuracy in how your products are displayed. Any field can be easily mapped into any other field in just a few simple steps. Additionally, you can map multiple brands and convert them into a single brand, for situations where a manufacturer may sell products under an umbrella of smaller related sub brands. 

To get the most out of your multichannel selling efforts, you can A/B test any product attribute including such criteria as price, profit margin, and performance with Feedonomics. Employ custom labels and create A/B testing groups so that you can analyze the effectiveness of your listings. This helps to keep your marketplaces profitable and efficient.

Reduce Time and Labor Expenses

By consolidating the individual processes of product feed management and maintenance over multiple sales channels, Feedonomics saves your business time, money, and labor with its optimized system and automated functions. All of the tools and resources that are required to clean up inventory data are included in Feedonomics, eliminating the need to learn a special coding language. The user-friendly and intuitive interface is purposely designed to promote the automated feed process and powerful native capabilities without inundating the user. Navigation is laid out in a logical left-to-right display, and guides you in the exact order you would use to create, edit, and manage a feed.

Data at scale can be optimized with Feedonomics' custom transformers.
Data at scale can be optimized with Feedonomics’ custom transformers. (SOURCE: G2)

Preview your feeds prior to exporting with the Search and View Discovery feature. Search a single feed–or multiple feeds–for any potential problems that could prevent a successful and clean export. Broken links and image display issues are checked for functionality to ensure that the export contains only the correct links, images, and descriptions. Feedonomics can also eliminate issues pertaining to duplicate product listings with the Flexible Field Mapping with Automatic De-Duping feature. Duplicate entries can be combined or removed so that only unique data remains; you won’t need to manually edit and rename each value one-by-one. 

Another advantage of Feedonomics is that, unlike other systems, you are able to view and search your feed after transformation within the application, instead of bouncing back and forth from Excel in order to optimize it. Feedonomics also automatically maps your products to every other search engine when you assign them to industry-standard Google Shopping categories.


FeedAI is the name of Feedonomics’s bespoke AI technology for product categorization. An industry game-changer, FeedAi enhances your business performance with accurate, powerful, and automated product categorization. Unlike traditional AI classifications, such as spam filtering, where you only need to differentiate between spam and not spam emails, product categorization is significantly more difficult to do. FeedAI’s precise automation results in an overall accuracy average of 96%; for the most common product categories such as fashion and jewelry, FeedAI’s confidence interval is over 99% with a 1% margin of error.

Feedonomics for BigCommerce

Back in July of 2021, BigCommerce announced the purchase of Feedonomics. Feedonomics had previously partnered with BigCommerce in the development of their Feedonomics for BigCommerce app, which integrated the aforementioned features and benefits of Feedonomics into the BigCommerce platform. Feedonomics is offered by BigCommerce as an app integration without long-term contracts, percentage fees or setup fees; just a 3-month commitment and a predictable flat rate. As Feedonomics’ new parent company, BigCommerce had also planned to add a built-in feed management system to its platform within the months following the acquisition, but they will also continue to integrate with partners to offer their users a “best-of-breed” approach.

BigCommerce users can easily integrate Feedonomics into their inventories and begin taking advantage of the multichannel sales and marketing power of both systems. Diztinct is an official design partner with BigCommerce. If you’d like to learn more about our custom BigCommerce design services and additional web development solutions, get in touch with us today and get ready to make your website work for you.

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