Top 5 Dropshipping Apps for Shopify

Take away the hassle of physical inventory management with these popular and highly-rated dropshipping apps for Shopify stores.

top 5 dropshipping apps for shopify websites
A dropshipping program can help small and medium-sized businesses compete on the Internet and Shopify’s myriad of dropshipping apps can help these businesses get started quickly and efficiently.

Small and medium-sized businesses have enough challenges in making names for themselves on the Internet, competing against eons of other businesses of their ilk as well as the eCommerce big dogs like Amazon and Walmart dominating the market. Dropshipping merchandise, as opposed to storing and managing inventory in a physical location, streamlines the merchant-to-customer process and can significantly reduce the time it takes to build a customer base and gain a presence on the Internet for new businesses.

Shopify is the largest eCommerce platform in the United States with 28% of the market share according to Statista. It’s especially popular with small and medium-sized businesses that are looking to quickly get on the Internet and start selling thanks to the platform’s intuitive and user-friendly interface and plethora of design templates, apps, and add-ons.

Shopify stores that are looking to implement a dropshipping program into their businesses can visit Shopify’s Official App Store and choose from literally thousands of available free and paid premium apps to help get started. Plus, because Shopify allows for app stacking, one can choose to use multiple dropshipping apps together. But which apps are the best ones out there? Let’s go over the 5 most popular, highest-rated dropshipping apps for Shopify, break down their features, and with this information, you can decide on your own which is/are the right choice for your operations.

#1: DSers-AliExpress


DSers has more than 13,000 reviews and an overall rating of 5 stars on the Shopify App Store, . Dropshippers have relied on DSers for its real-time inventory management, order tracking, and one-click product import features. Dsers helps you find cheaper Shopify dropshipping suppliers and speeds up the process with its bulk order functionality, which allows you to place 100s of orders in a matter of seconds. You can also try out DSers for 14 days free of charge, with full access to full features like basic mapping, bulk orders, and managing 3 stores with 3,000 products.

#2: Spocket – US & EU Dropshipping


Spocket is a free dropshipping app for Shopify that’s definitely the best to use if you’re targeting the US and EU markets. Over 75% of Spocket’s suppliers are located in these regions. Spocket lets you find best-selling drop shipping products from any website using reverse images, then add them to your store with a single click. In addition, Spocket dropshipping suppliers offer impressive discounts up to 40% to their customers, and they thoroughly update every shipping process. It’s one of the most trusted apps on Shopify, capable of integrating both platforms as well as migrating customers from other suppliers.

#3: AutoDS


AutoDS was created by dropshippers. As such, this app focuses on the essential core features and functions that are most crucial to a dropshipping business. AutoDS automates dropshipping business processes, saving dropshippers a lot of time, money, and manpower. The AutoDS dropshipping app offers advanced features, including product research, imports, and order fulfillment. It also automates the monitoring of stock and prices. Customers can easily track the delivery of their products by using the tracking numbers. AutoDS also integrates with over 25 suppliers and multiple selling channels, including Shopify.

#4: Zendrop


Zendrop connects the best suppliers to the right sellers and stores for their customers. Like AutoDS, Zendrop was made by dropshippers for dropshippers; they’re well aware of all the highs and lows of dropshipping, which were all important factors to consider during development of this app. Zendrop aims to resolve issues such as misbranded packaging, inaccurate order fulfillment, and slow delivery times caused by language barriers with suppliers from platforms like AliExpress. Businesses can create and customize their own online storefronts on the platform, and import products directly to their own eCommerce websites using Zendrop’s intuitive interface.

#5: Dropshipman – Ali Dropshipping

dropshipman DSM

Dropshipman is a smart choice for Shopify merchants that are new to dropshipping and are extra precautious. With Dropshipman, you can simplify every aspect of your dropshipping business, from product sourcing to branded order packaging. Dropshipman offers a wide variety of dropshipping products and you can find the best dropshipping products by keyword, picture, or product category. DSM works with a world-class shipping company to ensure fast, careful delivery. To maximize customer satisfaction, they offer product quality inspection services to minimize the chance of product returns. Best of all, Dropshipman is free to install and includes a 180-day free trial.


Not only is Shopify the nation’s leading eCommerce platform, they’re also one of the best platforms for small and medium businesses and dropship merchants on the market. We only gave 5 examples of the most popular Shopify dropshipping apps but there is no general right or wrong choice to make. The purpose of this piece is to give new dropshippers a starting point on how to go about launching a dropshipping program on their Shopify web store. The rest is up to you, the business owner. But if you need extra assistance in upgrading your Shopify website or marketing to improve sales and conversions, Diztinct is here to help. Give your Shopify dropshipping business the Diztinct advantage and contact us today.

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