Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Shopify Designer

Hiring a Shopify designer to revamp the look and feel of your eCommerce website could just very well be what your business needs to stand out from the competition.

Hiring a Shopify developer to overhaul your Shopify website’s performance is one surefire way to not only stand out from your competitors but also deliver a positive shopping experience to your customers.
A professional Shopify designer that’s on top of the latest web design trends and knows how to work within Shopify’s architecture can help your business make a name for itself among the over 2.8 million other sites using Shopify as their base platform.

There are currently 2,831,742 websites built using Shopify’s eCommerce platform and among those 2,831,742 websites are you and your most direct competitors. I mean, it’s tough enough trying to compete against the major general retail giants like Amazon and Walmart but how is a company–especially, if your company is relatively new on the eCommerce scene–supposed to compete with such a (seemingly) insurmountable legion of likewise-thinking and likewise-selling merchants that are using the same exact platform as you?

We partially answered this question in our last post, Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Shopify Developer. Hiring an experienced, professional Shopify developer can help unlock Shopify’s selling and marketing potential by letting your store take full advantage of the platform’s features. Custom coding, and app integration/custom app development can transform the base Shopify platform into an eCommerce powerhouse that typical users will not achieve without getting their toes wet in the customizable side of Shopify.

The same rings true for Shopify web design. One of the reasons why Shopify is so popular with new and novice eCommerce ventures is that it’s designed to get sellers up and running as quickly as possible. The base Shopify feature set includes the bare necessities to start uploading product onto the Internet for sale and the slew of free available design templates lets store owners give their new websites a stylish look to help legitimize their brands to the public.

Hiring a Shopify developer to overhaul your Shopify website’s performance is one surefire way to not only stand out from your competitors but also deliver a positive shopping experience to your customers. Hiring a professional Shopify web design to work in tandem with your Shopify developer will greatly amplify the impact your website has with the shopping public. Here are 5 reasons why your Shopify business would do well with hiring a Shopify designer.

Why Hire a Professional Shopify Designer?

  1. To Give Your Store and Brand a Unique Identity
  2. Improve Sales by Improving the Shopping Experience
  3. To Optimize Time Management and Streamline Work Duties
  4. To Boost Marketing Efforts with Effective SEO
  5. Increase Website Speed and Performance

REASON 1: To Give Your Store and Brand a Unique Identity

More than 70 professionally-designed Shopify themes are available for free or for purchase in the Shopify Theme Store, including works from renowned design agencies like Happy Cog, Pixel Union, and Clearleft. It’s pretty easy to add some visual flair to your website with a premade theme.

However, premade theme templates are just that. Premade. Templates. They’re built to uniform spec, meaning that while they can instantly give your Shopify website a new look, it’s not going to look all that different from some other store that had the lucky coincidence of choosing the exact same premade theme template as your store. Another company can adopt a similar design scheme for their own purpose–possibly one of your competitors.

Taylor & Francis found that website visitors make a decision about the visual appeal of a web page in 50 milliseconds. Similarly to traditional brick-and-mortar stores, eCommerce websites advertise their products as well as their personalities. Usually, the most famous and well-known consumer brands have a corporate design schema that is easily recognizable by its colors, fonts, and imagery. A custom Shopify web design eliminates the need for premade themes. The limitations and restrictions of a set template are no longer a factor, thus allowing for more creativity. The architecture of your website can be built to your exact specifications, so it attracts web visitors and hopefully converts them to paying customers.

REASON 2: Improve Sales by Improving the Shopping Experience

80% of consumers preferred to do business with companies that provided personalized shopping experiences, according to research conducted by Epison. A separate study by The McKinsey & Company found that 71% of consumers expected their shopping experience to be more personalized. As opposed to a physical retail environment where shoppers interact with live people, an eCommerce experience can be inherently cold and detached.

When eCommerce stores provide shoppers with user-friendly websites, create campaigns that appeal to shoppers’ emotions, and offer special incentives to make them feel welcome and invited, it is, in many ways, superior to physical retail.

The following tips will help you improve the shopping experience for your visitors and returning customers:

  • Make your website accessible to all people. Website accessibility makes it easier for everyone to use it and visit it. This can entail simple navigation, dark mode, mobile-friendly design, and ensuring that your website’s loading speed performance is at its maximum to compensate for varying degrees of connectability across users from multiple regions.
  • Provide personalized product recommendations. Upsells and cross-sells are effective methods for increasing the average ticket value of your customers. In order to achieve greater success, you can target products based on the shopper’s past website activity, such as searches and page views, so that suggested items can be tailored directly to the shopper.
  • Allow for user-generated content (UGC). UGCt is any media created by an individual and disseminated to others. A product review is the best way to develop UGC in retail; past customers can share their experiences with specific products–or your brand itself—to attract others to your website.
  • You can reduce abandonment rates and bounce rates, increase conversion rates and revenue, encourage repeat customers, and improve trust between your company and the public if you provide consumers with multiple payment options. As well as reducing your risk of identity theft, alternative checkouts such as PayPal Checkout, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay can speed up the checkout process and reduce identity theft.
  • A one-click checkout process streamlines the checkout process and reduces bounce rates and abandoned carts. This can be just as important to online shoppers as loading speed performance. Shopify’s own Shop Pay is available to Shopify merchants only. The app saves, encrypts, and autofills checkout fields on other Shop carts, so items are ready to buy with just one tap. You can also offer Shop Pay’s 1-click checkout to new customers, even if they haven’t purchased before. Also to note, average checkout-to-order rates are 1.72 times higher at Shop Pay checkouts than at regular checkouts.

REASON 3: To Optimize Time Management and Streamline Work Duties

You know what it’s like to work with a skeleton crew. Everyone (yourself included) is wearing different hats, taking on multiple tasks that sometimes but not always intersect with one another. Too many responsibilities get piled onto individual workers, opening the door for unintentional errors. Keep in mind, this could happen with the regular daily operations, possibly BEFORE you even factor in running the eCommerce side of your business.

Hiring a Shopify developer and a Shopify designer to handle the electronic side of your sales reduces responsibilities (and stress) off of your employees and off of yourself by letting them take control of maintaining your eCommerce website.

As stated in our last piece, anyone can learn how to be a programmer and write code for the Shopify platform. It’s just that this can be a long process that requires lots of downtime, downtime that you and your company probably cannot afford with all the other important day-to-day tasks that must get done. For sellers that operate an eCommerce store in addition to a physical retail outlet, it can be considered running multiple stores at the same time. Hiring a Shopify designer to work alongside your Shopify developer will let you manage your company more efficiently by assigning specific tasks to the appropriate departments which, in turn, lets the workers regain more focus to work more proficiently.

REASON 4: To Boost Marketing Efforts with Effective SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can come off rather intimidating, especially to eCommerce novices or those with a very loose grasp as to how the Internet and search engines work. Basic SEO is done by finding the right combination of keywords and key phrases that people are using on search engines to help them find what it is they’re looking for on the Internet. However, there’s actually far more involved in good SEO practice that doesn’t require creative writing or playing the guessing game with words, statistics, and–in the case of paid search–gambling real money to try and find the right combination of wordings that will net the best search engine results.

Because Google is the #1 search engine on the Internet, they basically write the rules on how to do proper SEO. In addition to keywords, SEO also takes into consideration other features such as loading speed performance, junk code, image and media complexity, and other design and development aspects. An otherwise fine-looking website might actually have hidden deep inside its code a lot of things that can reduce page loading performance. Search engines like Google don’t want to see any of that and will “punish” these websites by placing them lower in the ranks behind websites that do conform to proper efficient website architecture.

A professional Shopify designer can assist in simplifying code complexities in regards to the website visuals, such as choosing appropriate media file sizes and formats that will load quicker on a variety of desktop and mobile devices. They can also aid the developer in creating a layout that promotes intuitive navigation that will not only help bolster the customer’s shopping experience, but also reduce the navigational breadcrumbs that could overpopulate a website.

REASON 5: Increase Website Speed and Performance

Having a custom-made Shopify website over a stock template has the advantage of faster loading speed and improved performance. Because stock templates are built to a standard and have to conform to a variety of different web architectures, they carry a lot of unnecessary code that can slow down loading times and performance. In 2016, Google announced that users would leave a website if it didn’t load in three seconds or less.

Using custom code that pertains only to your website’s features and functionality will help you reduce the extra fat and calories that come with unoptimized code. Additionally, slow loading speeds hurt your SEO rankings, and attracting visitors to your website requires achieving top search engine positioning. If shoppers can’t find your store, no matter how many items you have or how affordable they are, all of that is of no use.

By custom building your Shopify website, you can avoid unnecessary functionality and bloatware by using custom code, which optimizes itself for Google and other search engines. Custom built websites will improve performance and avoid unnecessary functionality and bloatware. As well as optimizing your site’s functionality, you can also optimize its design for each function. This will also prevent unnecessary functions from loading and gumming up the load times.

Your Shopify designer can also act as a QA tech in debugging possible issues with coding or when a software update can have an unintended side-effect that could harm or disable your website’s functionality. Even the most streamlined coding and design can go afoul with a software update that does not agree with previous versions where the aforementioned custom coding and design had previously worked. Hiring a skilled Shopify designer can point out any potential problems and bugs before your customers do, which will reduce the likelihood of increased bounce rates should your website’s visitors discover any errors first.


There are benefits to having a custom website for any business, no matter its size. Since a custom website removes the limitations of premade templates created by anonymous designers, it offers unlimited design and functionality for the business as well as scalability and growth.

For your Shopify eCommerce venture to be truly professional, a custom designed website would best serve your needs; this way, you can visualize how your website should look, how it should function, how it will present your company and brand, and how it will attract new customers. Due to the ability to optimize the coding to fit your company’s requirements, a custom website is much more stable and secure than a template from a purely technical standpoint.

As eCommerce professionals, Diztinct has been designing and developing custom websites for 20 years. We have designed and built websites and marketplaces for a wide range of companies, from small independents to large companies. As well as having worked with some of the top names in eCommerce, our work has been recognized and awarded by some of the most prestigious brands and companies in the world, including QVC, Clorox, Dickies, Crocs, and Dooney & Bourke. Diztinct also has the honor of being certified design partners with Shopify. This means that when you hire Diztinct to build your Shopify website, you will be working closely with officially-recognized Shopify design experts who know the ins and outs of the platform and will get you the most of what Shopify has to offer for your online business.

Are you ready to give your business and your website the Diztinct advantage over the competition? Contact us today and get ready to make your website do the work for you.

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