Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Shopify Developer

Shopify is lauded for its intuitive UI and ease of use. But if your eCommerce business wishes to take full advantage of the platform’s capabilities, you might want to consider hiring a dedicated Shopify professional developer.

Working with a professional Shopify platform expert can not only save precious time and manpower, but can also boost sales and conversions by allowing your business to get the most out of Shopify's features.
Working with a professional Shopify platform expert can not only save precious time and manpower, but can also boost sales and conversions by allowing your business to get the most out of Shopify’s features.

Shopify is one of the world’s most popular and widely-used eCommerce platforms. Over 16% of the world’s total eCommerce market share is held by Shopify and in the US, Shopify sits atop of the US domestic eCommerce platform market with 28.41%. Shopify’s immense app store, intuitive and easy-to-use interface, and integrated payment options are just some of the many reasons why eCommerce businesses choose Shopify over comparable alternatives; it’s a platform that’s purposefully designed to allow all users–from novices to eCommerce professionals–to jump right in and start selling online. This user-friendly approach, however, can sometimes lull inexperienced eCommerce merchants into a false sense of security in believing that just ANYONE can master the ins and outs of the Shopify platform.

While it is true that anyone can learn how to become a Shopify expert, the learning process requires both time and patience–both of which can be extremely limited when you’re trying to juggle between managing the daily operations of your eCommerce business and finding time to either train yourself or an in-house employee. This is one of the top reasons why Shopify store owners either hire a professional Shopify developer or contract the work out to an accredited eCommerce web design and development team such as Diztinct.

Here are 5 more reasons why businesses such as yours should consider hiring a dedicated Shopify developer as opposed to taking on the task yourself.

Why Hire a professional Shopify Developer?

  1. To Get the Most Out of Shopify’s Features and Capabilities
  2. For Complete and Comprehensive Platform Support
  3. To Enhance the Customer Experience
  4. To Improve Sales and Conversions
  5. To Stand Out from the Competition

REASON 1: To Get the Most out of Shopify’s Features and Capabilities

Compared to other popular eCommerce platforms on the market, the Shopify backend is considerably simpler to understand and easier to navigate. The core features are logically placed and function as expected. However, Shopify’s base functionality can be greatly expanded upon through the use of custom coding and incorporating add-ons and integrations. 

You can think of it like overhauling a sports car for maximum performance. You know what you want done, you know what parts you want to use, but you might not have the time and/or experience to put it all together–especially, if this overhaul involves more than just bolt-on parts. A skilled Shopify developer can overhaul the performance of your website and the Shopify platform by customizing the code to push past Shopify’s standard list of features. A Shopify developer can also integrate apps and add-ons from Shopify’s app store or even create their very own custom apps that will work to expand Shopify’s features.

You’re probably asking, “Why do I need to hire a Shopify developer just for that? Can’t anyone just install a Shopify app?”. Well, yes and no. Most Shopify apps on the app store are designed to be plug-and-play, that anyone with basic computer skills can install them. But, the hidden caveat to this is that not all Shopify apps necessarily work well with each other and, in the worst case scenario, incompatible apps can crash your website. A Shopify developer with years of experience will know what works and what doesn’t work together to ensure that your website will perform at the top level, even when adding apps, add-ons, and integrations. If your Shopify developer has a background in creating custom apps, the developer can even design a bespoke app for your store that will adhere specifically to your requirements without the threat of incompatibility.

REASON 2: For Complete and Comprehensive Platform Support

One of the big perks that Shopify has over other eCommerce platforms is its available 24/7 customer support program. Should anything go south, leaving your website temporarily out-of-commission, Shopify’s customer support team will be there to assist you and walk you through how to restore functionality to your website. Eventually. I say ‘eventually’ because, like any major company, Shopify has millions of customers and every minute of every day, there’s a high likelihood that someone will be calling in to Shopify’s support team with a concern or question.

You know what it’s like whenever you have to call customer support, right? Chances are, it’s automated, you’re put on hold (sometimes, for up to an hour), and then a representative will take your call as soon as there’s an opening. As Shopify store owners and as Shopify customers yourselves, you want to be treated special. It’s understandable. But the harsh truth of the matter is AS a Shopify store owner and Shopify customer, you are among the 2.1 million daily users and that means there’s always going to be someone in front of you in line–and there’ll be someone in front of that person, and someone else in front of that person, and so on and so on. We know time is important and having to wait around for a response when things are going haywire around you is probably not what you want to deal with if there’s a pressing issue with your website. This is a perfect situation that would call for your own Shopify professional.

Whether you hire an in-house Shopify developer or work with an outside Shopify development team, both will be far more accessible in addressing your concerns as opposed to waiting for Shopify’s representatives to get back to you. A Shopify developer (especially, one that has personally worked on your website) will already be familiar with the system and platform and will be well-versed in rectifying the occasional error or rare issue that may pop up from time to time. When working with someone who has experience with your website, you also significantly reduce the risk of accidentally worsening the problem as what could potentially happen whenever a novice user attempts to fix the problem without prior knowledge of your system.

REASON 3: To Enhance the Customer Experience

Shoppers love the convenience of shopping online and finding deals on products that aren’t necessarily offered anywhere else but online. But what really attracts shoppers to continue doing repeat business with online stores is the customer experience. A positive customer experience can have a greater impact on customer loyalty and repeat business than just prices and product selection alone. For example, a store that promises unbeatable prices but otherwise fails to deliver an exceptional shopping experience for their customers can expect a decreased amount of sales, conversions, and repeat purchases. Websites that perform poorly, are slow to load, and/or are difficult to navigate make it less likely for the shopper to actually hang around and complete a purchase. This is what’s referred to as a website’s bounce rate.

Today’s competitive eCommerce landscape makes it imperative that companies provide a stellar customer experience that is both memorable and unforgettable. By hiring a Shopify developer to maintain your website, you will be able to provide relevant and memorable shopping experiences for your customers, which will result in promoting brand loyalty. A person or a team of individuals who specialize in this field can enable you to create innovative user experiences, implement a comprehensive customer support system, and organize live retail events for your company to help you to grow your business.

Clear and concise navigation, accurate product info with detailed product images, simple checkout with multiple payment options will entice shoppers to complete their transactions in your store and greatly improve your odds at winning them over as repeat customers. These, coupled with customer-friendly business policies, can help your store gain an advantage over the competition who might be more rigid when it comes to dealing with customers’ requests.

REASON 4: To Improve Sales and Conversions

To supplement the previous section, a Shopify professional will know how to translate the ideas you have for your website into usable features that will attract and engage shoppers and turn them into paying customers. Navigation is a crucial component in creating the optimal customer shopping experience, but layout and design also play important parts to this as well.

The term Shopify designer may also be used by a professional Shopify developer. But these terms are not always interchangeable. A developer is responsible for creating and editing the code that controls the website’s function as well as its appearance. As a designer, you are responsible for the site’s layout and visual aspect, how you will see the site once it is live. There are some Shopify developers who also design for Shopify websites, and vice versa, but sometimes there are Shopify developers who do nothing more than develop the code for the website, and there are Shopify designers who only design the layout and visuals for the website.

Whether you chose to hire both a Shopify developer AND a Shopify designer, a well-rounded Shopify expert that can do both, or get in contact with a team of Shopify eCommerce experts, having people on your side that are knowledgeable the Shopify platform will benefit your company’s eCommerce efforts.

REASON 5: To Stand Out from the Competition

The Internet is both vast and overcrowded, if that makes any sense. On one hand, you could spend infinite hours exploring all the different websites pertaining to just about every topic imaginable. At the same time, because there are so many different websites that are centered around a particular topic, market, or audience, there will be varying degrees of overlap ranging from cluttered to overwhelmingly chaotic. This aspect also applies to shopping online. Of course, some markets are more crowded than others but it’s highly likely (if not, a given) that any Internet store is going to have similar competitors in regards to products offered, pricing, even store policies.

So, how does an eCommerce business stand out from the competition–especially, an eCommerce store using one of the most popular eCommerce platforms available today? Flexibility. That’s the beauty of Shopify. Shopify’s flexibility and all of the available Shopify resources, either from Shopify themselves or through third-party developers, can allow for multiple websites using the same exact platform to be entirely different from one another.

One of Shopify’s main attractions was its ability to get new users up and running in eCommerce as quickly and as efficiently as possible. This is done through use of premade free templates and base features that encompass the bare necessities in running an eCommerce website. However, this fast and easy approach also opened the door for many newcomers to get started exactly the same way and almost exactly in the same fashion, with countless new websites springing up that looked, felt, and performed somewhat identical to each other. Instead of using premade templates and setting them up to run as-is with limited functionality, a custom Shopify website would definitely help your business stand out from the legions of faceless websites all crammed into the same marketplace as yours.

Having a customized Shopify website will make it possible to incorporate specific features that are relevant to your business, while eliminating redundant or useless features that you will never use, which you will only use when you are working for your business. In order for your custom website to have minimal overlap with other websites, the coding will be specifically designed for your site. Using this method of creating websites is much more efficient, faster, and more effective than using a template or theme that is off the shelf.


There are benefits to having a custom website for any business, no matter its size. Since a custom website removes the limitations of premade templates created by anonymous designers, it offers unlimited design and functionality for the business as well as scalability and growth.

For your Shopify eCommerce venture to be truly professional, a custom designed website would best serve your needs; this way, you can visualize how your website should look, how it should function, how it will present your company and brand, and how it will attract new customers. Due to the ability to optimize the coding to fit your company’s requirements, a custom website is much more stable and secure than a template from a purely technical standpoint.

As eCommerce professionals, Diztinct has been designing and developing custom websites for 20 years. We have designed and built websites and marketplaces for a wide range of companies, from small independents to large companies. As well as having worked with some of the top names in eCommerce, our work has been recognized and awarded by some of the most prestigious brands and companies in the world, including QVC, Clorox, Dickies, Crocs, and Dooney & Bourke. Diztinct also has the honor of being certified design partners with Shopify. This means that when you hire Diztinct to build your Shopify website, you will be working closely with officially-recognized Shopify design experts who know the ins and outs of the platform and will get you the most of what Shopify has to offer for your online business.
Are you ready to give your business and your website the Diztinct advantage over the competition? Contact us today and get ready to make your website do the work for you.

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