Volusion Migration Services

Diztinct can migrate your Volusion website to better ecommerce platforms like Bigcommerce or Shopify.

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Why Migrate Off of Volusion?

Websites that are still using Volusion today are at a severe disadvantage and at high risk due to the company's tech shortcomings and recent bankruptcy announcement.

Today's online retailers and merchants demand more features, greater flexibility, and stronger security. You can't get any of those on Volusion but you can with either BigCommerce or Shopify--and Diztinct can make it happen for you.

Not only do web stores that are still on the Volusion platform have a major performance handicap compared to BigCommerce-powered or Shopify-powered stores, they face an uncertain future with Volusion's July 2020 bankruptcy announcement as a result of their catastrophic 2019 data breach scandal.

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Why Choose Diztinct to Migrate Your Website?

eCommerce Experts and Web Migration Specialists

Our track record of success with companies of all sizes spans well over 15 years. Plus, we have the honor of being certified by two of the biggest platforms in eCommerce: BigCommerce and Shopify.

We have over 15 years' worth of professional experience in creating custom websites and marketplaces for businesses of all sizes; from small independent startups to full-scale corporations. Our work has been recognized and awarded by some of the top names in the eCommerce industry and we've had the privilege to work with globally-renowned companies and brands such as QVC, Clorox, Dickies, Crocs, and Dooney & Bourke among others.

Certified Design Partners with BigCommerce and Shopify

Diztinct is proud to be certified design partners with both BigCommerce and Shopify, the two most popular and widely-used platforms in eCommerce today.

Interested in Learning More?

Contact us or fill out our Quote Request Form. We look forward to answering your questions, and helping you find the right solution for your online business!

Migrating Your Volusion Site

Unleash your sales potential when you migrate from Volusion to BigCommerce or Shopify.

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What are some advantages that BigCommerce and Shopify have over Volusion?

  • Easy to use
  • Wide list of standard features
  • Secure: Level 1 PCI DSS compliant
  • Fully-customizable
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Integration with industry-leading business systems and apps
  • 24/7 support
  • Automatic updates
  • Multi-tier pricing plans
  • Available for desktop and mobile
  • Designed for businesses of all sizes
  • Unrestricted growth and earnings potential

Diztinct's Platform Migration Strategy

Diztinct has the technical know-how and eCommerce website expertise to protect your website's critical internal information, SEO standings, and keyword rankings during the migration. When you choose Diztinct to create or update your website, we address every aspect of the migration process. A summary of our standard migration services includes:

  • Basic data transfer
  • Product and inventory management
  • Page titles and metadata migration
  • SEO data retention and optimization
  • Link preservation
  • Category page migration
  • Policy and other informational page transfer
  • Redirects

Whether you want us to migrate your website over to BigCommerce or over to Shopify, we can build you a modern, feature-rich, and SEO-friendly secure website that will promote the growth of your business.

Additional Diztinct Services

We are a full-service ecommerce design, development, and marketing agency.

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Diztinct is More Than Just a Migration Company.

We offer top notch design and development expertise as well as additional services to help you and your website convert more customers and sell more product. These can be purchased either as a complete website build package or à la carte. These include:

Search Engine Optimization

Websites that rank high with Google are poised for greater sales success. We'll improve your website's Google standings through keyword research and implementation, link remediation, and tags and metadata.

Marketing and Promotion

Promote your website, brand, and products through targeted ads, social media, blogging, content sharing, etc. We can also help you open a 3rd party marketplace for increased sales and greater exposure.

Inventory Management

Reorganize product categories/subcategories within the platform back-end, improve navigation, as well as scheduling sales promotions and coupon codes.

Graphic Design and Logo Design

Create custom logos and custom icons for your website as per your requests or give us the freedom to create. We also specialize in digital photo editing and retouching for products and other web images.

Migrate Off of Volusion Today. Diztinct is Here to Help.

Both BigCommerce and Shopify offer store owners enhanced feature sets, updated security, and modern dependability and reliability that Volusion simply cannot match. Whether you choose to migrate over to a BigCommerce-powered or Shopify-powered website, Diztinct will handle all of your web migration needs.

Don't settle for Volusion's outdated tech, substandard security, and uncertain future. We have the experience, the knowledge, and the partnered support from both Bigcommerce and Shopify to ensure that your website's current data and SEO ranks are protected during the transition process. Get in touch with us today and get ready to make your website work for you.

Make Your Website Work For You

Give your website the Diztinct advantage.

Are you ready to give your website and your business the Diztinct advantage over the competition? If so, let's talk. Our dedicated team of eCommerce professionals is ready to handle all of your website migration and custom design and devlopment needs.